About Us

Ryan grew up around livestock, mostly bucking bulls, and some ranching. Often working the back chutes of rodeos and even riding bulls himself. He's a natural caretaker of his animals-they love him and I only wish they felt as calm around me as they do him. He seems to have that affect on most everything + everyone.


I on the other hand, grew up working on my parent's farm. I enjoyed many early mornings in my 10wheeler hauling grain and working alongside my little brothers-and I'm convinced nothing smells better (or tastes better...) than the dirt off of a freshly dug spud.


We met in high school + quite honestly, loved eachother from the beginning. We've always done things our own way-regardless of the world around us. From moving around, doing different jobs, to now starting a family-we've been so grateful to do it with eachother.


We've dreamed of building a life in Idaho with our own farm + livestock someday since I can remember. Though it hasn't been easy, its been well worth it. Hoopes Ranch is something we are creating from the ground up-with lots of different and complex asipirations of what it could become,  we're incredibly grateful for you being apart of it all + supporting our small family business. We know we could not be here without you + will always strive to share the highest quality goods with you + your family.

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How can I get my meat?

If you are local, simply choose local pickup or meet us at the Iona Farmers Market.

If you are not local, shipping will be calcualated at check out.

When willl I get my order?

We ship every Tuesday, this ensures your package is not left in transit over the weekend to thaw.

If you are a Ranch Hands Subscriber, the following Tuesday of when you set up your subscription (on the schedule you chose) your order will ship.

What are your animal practices?

Our cattle have access to pasture + grass year round, the last 90 days we supplement them with a barley finish-to increase marbling + and give the meat a delicous flavor.

Our cattle is also free of antibiotics, hormone supplementation, and/or steroids.